Strange Fires EP

by Strange Fires

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Recorded on a Fostex 4-track at home, May-August 2012


released September 28, 2012

Patrick Earles: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synth on "Lambency", programming on "Intro"
Mastered by Dan Keerak
Cover image courtesy of the Reanimation Library, Brooklyn, NY



all rights reserved


Strange Fires Edmonton, Alberta

RIP 2012-2016

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Track Name: A Man Asleep
It doesn’t matter that I’m all alone
Books fill the pantry, clothes fill the refrigerator

Look outside and I see no one there
Only snow, trees, stones, and other things

Stare at the ceiling as much as I please
Wait until there’s nothing to wait for

Alarm clock goes off, but I don’t stir
Remain in bed, close my eyes again

And possibilities
Don’t look so good for me
I don’t know what to do

What’s wrong today
Feels like I’ve lost my way
I’m sure I’ll find it soon
Track Name: Spring Break
Lay on the grass
Watch the cloud formations
Pass over us

Point out people
In the parks and laugh
Where do they go?

Counting objects
On our fingertips
I feel at ease

On the drive home
Sing along to songs
We’ve never heard

I was alone
You were around
Can’t get your smile outta my skull

Walk through forests
Hearing nature buzz
It’s better with you

Remember colors
That we saw inside
My bedroom

Drive past fields and
Past the shoreline
Nothing to do but

Lay on the grass
Watch the cloud formations
Pass over us
Track Name: Tidal Wave
I like how you show me
Several old photos
Events that won’t be coming back soon

Reminds me of how it
Seems like my youth’s been left
Lying on a factory floor

It rains in my head all day and
The sight of you clears the clouds
Where did our time disappear to?
Slipped away on a pitch black tidal wave

Lose myself in meaning
Question all my hindsight
Not all past events suggest purpose

Where did sunny days go?
Memories of weekends
Better than they seemed at the time
Track Name: Lambency
Staying up late underneath street lights
Leaves look beautiful
But I know they’re going to die soon
Sidewalk slowly cracks

In lambency, your face shines
Rehearse what we’ll say out loud
If it comes out wrong, at least
The right intent is present

Walking around underneath street lights
Buildings look so nice
But I know they’ll be torn down soon
Nothing really lasts